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"Sarina designed the most beautiful Unicorn themed birthday cake for me! The detail on the entire cake was impeccable - the unicorn's mane was super elaborate, adorned with gorgeous pastel colored flowers - it was just perfect! Most importantly, the cake was delicious! 


I am a wedding planner and I have tried hundreds of cakes. Unfortunately, many "pretty cakes" never taste that great, but this cake tasted just as good as it looked! It cut super easily and the inside was colorful/beautiful as well! 


Hands down I would highly recommend Butter, Sugar, Flower! The cake she created for me made my celebration extra special, I am honestly still on cloud 9!"


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Sarina is an amazing baker and cake artist! She baked my friends and me a maple walnut spice cake with maple buttercream frosting. It was delicious! The cake was perfectly spiced, it was really moist, and the maple flavor was amazing!


My husband and I have also ordered her Reese's peanut butter chocolate cake on more than one occasion and it's a flavor explosion! I would highly recommend this cake, and all of Sarina's cakes!


You won't be disappointed! She's also extremely friendly and easy to work with when it comes to requests!


Sarina loves to bake artistically creative cakes. She puts a lot of thought into the design, the ingredients and the overall presentation. Every cake she has made for me has been so delicious; every cake has gotten a WOW from my guests. Whether it's her signature line of flower cakes, or some other theme cake, she cares that you are thrilled with what you get. Be ready for a great treat!



"Daddy. LOOK AT MY CAKE! It's the BESTEST cake I've EVER SEEN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!", said little Chloe on her 4th birthday. We had to stop her from actually hugging the cake, so she just stared at it in amazement.


That morning, Sarina at Butter, Sugar, Flower had delivered a huge box filled with a princess wearing a flowery dress made out of cake and vanilla swirls. Not only did it taste amazing, it looked beautiful too! The centerpiece of the cake was the top half of a barbie-doll figure wearing a royal dress made completely out of icing. Chloe had a magical birthday.


That night, Chloe begged mum and dad not to throw the doll away. We weren't sure why, but we did as Chloe asked and gave the princess a soapy wash instead. Chloe grabbed her "cake dolly" and took it to bed, and she kept it as her bedtime toy for the next 2 weeks. Marvelous cake and charming

memories that will last our family a lifetime.

-Sam (and Chloe, aged 4 and a half)

Your baking skills are exceptional - well done on being so talented. The Christmas tree cake you made for our X-Mas get together was an absolute hit with our friends. Everyone commented on the artistry and the amount of effort and love that must've gone into producing such a masterpiece. The fact that it was mouthwateringly delicious was a bonus (my mouth's watering now just thinking about it). I genuinely tell all our friends about you and your wonderful masterpieces, and we are looking forward to placing our next order.


Decadent! Delicious! Damn good! Inspired design and tastes sublime! The only downside is that inevitably you finish the cake and then the rest of life is just not as sweet... Couldn't possibly recommend enough. Wonderful thought, care and creativity in every cake or cupcake (and I've had many).



Butter, Sugar, Flower designed and baked the prettiest cake for my 30th! 😍 This cake was an unbelievable surprise, I simply gave two of my favorite flavors and let Sarina work her magic!! ✨This two tier vanilla and raspberry cake was so delicious and decorated in bright flowers - the balloons on the top was just the cutest touch to a very tasty and beautifully decorated birthday cake! Thanks for making it so special - cant wait to my next order!

- Alexandra

The communication was easy and the pricing was very transparent. The baker hand-delivered these delicious goodies and helped me pass them out to all the kids at the party! Both of my daughters were blown away by the sight of these sweets and couldn't wait to dig in.

Would recommend to anyone.


I asked Sarina to make a cake for my wife's birthday, and it was a great success: we were getting positive comments for weeks afterwards. Everyone loved the taste, and the decoration was top notch too, especially with the tricky subject matter of Thor's hammer!

-Ben and Deb

I highly recommend this company, run by a really lovely lady who obviously has a passion for creating beautiful and tasty cakes. We got a 12 pack of cupcakes and they tasted AMAZING and looked exquisite. They were in beautiful autumnal shades perfect for my autumnal top-table. Looking forward to trying more soon.


Sarina makes absolutely beautiful, intricately crafted cakes that look so good it almost seems a shame to eat them- but they taste so good it would be a crime not to!

If you have an occasion or event coming up (or if you haven't!), these cakes would be a worthy addition. And super friendly service from someone really passionate about their products. 10/10, highly recommended



It was a joy to work with Sarina to organize a flower bouquet of cupcakes for my friend. The cupcakes were gorgeous to look at and tasted delicious! Thank you Butter, Sugar, Flower for your lovely creation and personalized service. I would definitely order from you again!


We met Sarina in Winchester today and bought one of her beautiful cakes for my daughter. She carried it around all afternoon, full of admiration for Sarina's piping skills, finally relenting and eating it. Beautifully light sponge with the perfect frosting, absolutely the right side of sweet. Utterly divine. Gone in (less than) 60 seconds.


Incredibly talented and hard working, Sarina creates what can only be described as delicious masterpieces. I never had much of a sweet tooth until I tried Sarina's cakes! They are always beautifully decorated with the most incredible detail, artistic designs and full of delicious flavours. You can't help but want more!! We all need a bit of sweetness and happiness in our lives...Thank you Butter, Sugar, Flower!


Sarina baked our son's cake, it was amazing! It looked fantastic, so much attention to detail and he absolutely loved it - plus it tasted delicious! Will definitely be using her again for future cakes.

-Rachel and Neville