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With a passion for expression through creativity, I'm an experienced website designer, graphic designer and photographer available now to develop your vision into success!

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As a skilled and original designer, I'd be committed to building your brand a unique web presence like no other.


Have a website that's in dire need of a revamp? Or looking to create an online storefront for your business? Instead of looking like other sites built from templates, the custom websites I design will give you the distinct advantage of standing out.


Whether you need a landing page, full website, or you're joining the world of e-commerce, I'll set you up for success using my signature creative flair.


For another example of my work, and for some serious enjoyment, please visit my other website by clicking below.

But be forewarned: you'll be inspired by more than just the design!


Please contact me to discuss your ideas!

Sarina Harper Designs
Sarina Harper Designs
Sarina Seeks Indonesia Travelogues
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Is your business in need of marketing materials?


Whether you're a new business or have an existing one that's in need of a fresh look, I offer clients full marketing campaign packages including logo design, business card design, social media marketing posts and various other promotional materials.


In addition, I'm an experienced photographer with an eye for

attention grabbing, quality photos to boost your image.


I've spent many years traveling, marketing various locations

via photography and travel writing.


Get ready for some fun shots below (and from below the sea!), then please visit my website to view more photography and travel writing.



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Please contact me to discuss your ideas!